About Dr Loretta Giorcelli

Dr Loretta Giorcelli OAM, FACE.


1993 Government’s Teaching Service Medal 
1993 Life Membership of the Australian Teachers of the Deaf Association 
2007 Order of Australia Medal 
2009 Fellow of the Australian College of Education 
2019: Will celebrate 50 years in Education

 trained as a primary/special education teacher in Queensland in the late 1960s and has taught profoundly deaf students, as well as students with a range of disabilities, at pre-school, primary and secondary levels in segregated and integrated settings in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

 has a Bachelor's degree in Education, a Master's degree in Education, a Master's degree in Special Education and a PhD (Linguistics and Communication Disabilities) from the University of Illinios (USA).

 worked as a teacher, consultant and school principal in Queensland and London schools, before accepting a position in the New South Wales Department of School Education in 1984.

 was the NSW Director of Special Education and Equity Programs (Aboriginal Education, Migrant Education, ESL, Early Childhood Education, Disadvantaged Schools etc) with the Department of School Education in New South Wales until April 1993. 

 lectured at the tertiary level at the University of New South Wales where, in 1993 and 1994, she established the Certificate of Learning Disabilities and The Certificate of Integration Studiesrespectively.

 has appeared as an expert legal witness and disability advocate in court cases both locally and overseas over the last 10 years.

 has worked as a consultant for the United Nations a government advisor in Cyprus and for the Australian Government on overseas development projects in Papua New Guinea.

 has been associated in Honorary capacities with the Macquarie University , the Children's Hospital Sydney, the University of Western Sydney and the Beijing ENT Institute in the People's Republic of China.

 since 1996 has headed her own educational consultancy company working extensively in Hong Kong , New Zealand , Sth Africa, Malta, Cyprus  and the UK as well as throughout Australia.

 works extensively as a specialist consultant with schools as well as with government, NGOs, private agencies and parent groups and with parents as an advisor, keynote speaker, staff developer and long-range planner.

 from 2004-2007 was involved in one of the largest national projects investigating the inclusion of students with disabilities in regular classrooms in Australia. Results are available onwww.dest.gov.au/schools/losd

 is an editorial board member of Reaching Today’s Youth: The International Journal of Community Care.

 co-edited "Accepting the Literacy Challenge” (Scholastic) with Dr Alan Watson in 2000 and has contributed reviews and chapters to an extensive range of texts and monographs since 1979.

 is a Visiting Professor of Special Education to San Francisco State University (USA).

 is married to Kevin Robinson, a soccer-mad engineer.  They are blessed with three accomplished children and their spouses, as well as 6 amazing grandsons, Benjamin, twins William and Thomas, Joshua, Eduardo and Javier and their gorgeous grand daughter Sofia.

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